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  • The Non-fungible Token Watch_

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  • Experience the world's only hybrid-reality watch. Olympus Watch Co. redefines art by bridges past and future, offering the first NFT-backed supercar watch ever made.

  • Unlock the
    portal to

  • More than just a watch, each Olympus Galante contains a unique crypto backed serial code. the watch doubles as a key to unlock your very own drivable (and raceable) virtual supercar.

  • Become a
    pro meta
    racer and win

  • Be one of the first to race popular and rare supercars in a virtual world. Purchase upgrades within the metaverse. trade supercar-watch NFTs with friends. sell them for a profit. all that and more- coming soon to the Olympus metaverse.

The Olympus Non-Fungible Token

The Olympus NFT, unlike competitor NFTs, is more than a computer-generated image. The purchase of our NFT grants you three separate assets: the digital artwork and access to our metaverse, the virtual supercar, and the Swiss-Handmade watch.







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