Q: What inspired you to create a watch made from super cars?

In short, it is because we are nerds who love anything with heritage and an awesome story to match.

In long, we were two childhood friends who loved super cars ever since we were little. Decades passed as that passion grew stronger and turned into a mission. Owning even a piece of our favorite cars meant the world to us. We set out to explore the possibilities of what we can do. We studied design and engineering, traversed to faraway countries, and opened our minds to the cultures, legacies, and feats of human ingenuity behind these beautiful machines- but in the midst of our adventures, the unthinkable happened. In November of 2017, Hurricane Harvey hit our hometown and left Houston in pieces. Our city was submerged under 27 trillion gallons of water. Its landfall resulted in the most crippling damage to the Houston automotive industry to-date.

Drone image of Harvey flooded cars: via Texas Arial 


But Houston is resilient.

After the hurricane, we picked ourselves up by the bootstraps. We lent a hand to one another. We helped those who needed it most, and then we won the MLB World Series for the first time in history. 

Photo by Harry How / Getty


This is the story of Olympus Watch Company.

Harvey did not defeat us; it defined us. It taught us to press on in the face of hardship and to treasure out time with one another, but most importantly, it taught us that the battle scars we accumulated along the way are beautiful symbols of triumph.

2017: The birth of the Olympus Galante

We watched as countless irreversibly damaged super cars bid farewell to their owners as they made their way to salvage yards. In their final resting place, they will be picked apart or scrapped. Hoods, doors, and bonnets that cost much more to repair than to replace were tossed away to recycling centers, and their stories were lost forever. 

To the outside world, they are just pieces of scrap metal, but to us, they were moments in history that had colorful stories to tell. The dents and scratches on these cars made them so much more unique. We decided to do something with it.

We picked the most damaged pieces we could find, breathed a new life into them, and forever sealed them into our watches. Each watch is just a little different. Each scratch tells a new story. Each car has its own share of legacy. Olympus Watch Company is born from destruction in many ways. We wish you join us on this journey, as we have many more stories to tell.


Q: What makes your watch different?

swiss made watch

We've all seen them - Kickstarter brands claiming to be "affordable luxury"- when they, in fact, are cheap watches from Aliexpress with a heavy markup. We don't do that here. Every detail from the dial to the caseback is designed in-house in the USA. Our Swiss engineering team and atelier then painstakingly spend months developing the prototype from rendering to mold to product before bringing it to market. 


Q: Where are your watches made?

Our watches are developed in Basel and assembled in a small atelier by the beautiful Jura mountains of Switzerland. Masters of their craft with a wealth of knowledge and experience, the team dedicates their lives to the century-old art of traditional timekeeping. Each piece is crafted to perfection and carefully inspected before it is delivered to our customer.


Q: Are you affiliated with Lamborghini?

We are currently not affiliated with Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A.


Q: When is the delivery date?

Delivery date is TBA at the launch of our Kickstarter campaign.


Q: How do I know if my watch actually came from the car?

Each watch comes with a Unique Serial Number from 001 to 1000. Since our first run comes from the hood of a 2012 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Performante, our production is limited to approximately 1000 watches. Each step of production, from purchase of the car part to production of the caseback discs is documented and legally witnessed by an authorized state official.